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LevSoft is a small, effective,  Norwegian software company specializing in custom designed software. As of today we have 3 program developers to maintain and develop new and old programs.
The work on The Good Life software started some years ago, when a family member asked for an un- complicated way of storing the family recipes handed down during generations. The software was first distributed among family members, then colleagues asked for a copy and the development of the software seriously started.
In 1993 the development of the Master Plan CRM started, when the owner of the company, in the course of an extensive travelling period, wanted a program which could keep track of customer follow ups, as well as miscellaneous customer information.  At that time there were no such ready to use software on the market, and he decided to make his own. In the years to follow the program has been extended and improved according to various company specifications. Today a great number of smaller companies use the software.
Two years ago we started a re-design of all our programs to be used with the .Net platform and as such 'The Good Life' and the MasterPlan is now ready for distribution. During the re-development of the MasterPlan it was decided to split the contact information from the employee information, and we ended up with two different programs - MasterPlan_Net and MasterEmp_Net - which together interacts, but also work in their own rights alone.
Lyngveien 9, 4340 Bryne, Norway
+(47) 51 48 33 89