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There are 9 main groups in this program:
Food recipes
There are approximately 92,000 recipes included in the purchase,
Wine information
A complete wine information database is included in the purchase (approx. 3,000
different wines).
A complete drinks database is included in the purchase (approx. 8,000 drinks recipes)
Cigar information
A complete cigar database is included in the purchase (approx. 300 cigars).
Organize big or small parties, calculate the cost involved, send invitations.
Home Inventory
This is a small inventory system for storing all information about your possessions in
case of theft or fire.
Family Economy
A small economy system for keeping check of your spendings according to your
Personal Contacts
A personal database for all your contacts.
Collection of books, 
films and music
A system to catalog your collection of books, films an music records.
Food Recipes
There are but two recipe options
from which to select a recipe (apart
from the recipe database itself):
 Recipe Country
Recipe type
The recipe
 is just an
indication of the origin of the recipe.
The recipe
 is a user defined
group which groups homogeneous
recipes for a more easily recipe
You can import a recipe either by Email, a text file (MealMaster, MasterCook or another text format) or a
stored web site.
You can make your own cookbooks, make a daily/weekly menu with a shopping list, mail a recipe to
friends or make a web site with selected recipes, get suggestions to a meal with regards to the refrigerator
contents - and lots more.
There are five (5) groups of Wine
The Language
The Country
The Country Area
The Wine Brand
The Wine Type
It could not be more easy to make
new wine records: Simply cut and
paste text and pictures from whatever
source you have - or write the text
In the Wineyard section you can make
notes of the possibility for an overnight stay,
making a holiday at this wineyard and/or
tasting options - with prices and contact
numbers as well as a map for driving
There are four (4) groups of drink
The Language
The Country
The Drinks Group
The Drinks Type
Just cut and paste the drinks
information from whatever source you
may have and import pictures as well.
Import drinks recipes from emails or
web sites, mail a drinks recipe to your
In the Cigar section there are six (6)
Cigar groups:
The Language
The Country
The Cigar Type
The Cigar Brand
The Cigar Producer
The Cigar Group
Just cut and paste the Cigar
information from whatever source you
may have and import pictures as well.
Import Cigar information from emails
or web sites, mail a drinks recipe to
your friends.
Party Organiztion
In this sub-system you can define
parties to be held, either a big party
(as a wedding or such) or just a small
friendly get together party. Either
way you have the option to specify
all the various cost involved as well
as the menu (if any), the program
calculates the sum cost for the
party to be held. At last there are
the opportunity of mailing the
invitations, either pr. email or postal
mail, the invitation text are user
Family Inventory
In the family inventory sub-
system, the user can save all
information about the household
for insurance purpose in case of
burglary or a fire should
happens. It is possible to get
reports on paper (MS Word,
MS Excel or a txt-file) or
generate a html-file (internet).
Family Economy
This sub-system is handy if you
want to control where all your
money goes, you can get
column  reports, graph reports or
make an HTML-file.
Family Contacts
This personal contact system
keeps all your information about
your relatives an friends. Input
their birthdays and get a complete birthdaylist - never again forget a birthday!
This collection sub-system
makes it possible for you to get
in order your collection of books,
films and/or music.
It is possible to play a movie
direct from this system if the
movie in question is stored on
you hard disk (or on your home
In the music system is it
possible to play the saved
records in various ways - if the
record in question is saved
The collection sub-system
consist of a 3-part system:
Please observe there are only 5 recipes for each recipe type in the the recipe database included this setup-download. The reason for this are the misuse from some downloaders, who apparently only download the program in order to
use the databases for personal gains.
The purchaser can free of charge download all the complete databases at the time of payment, as well as the six
recipe pictures databases.
There are a subsystem for making budgets, a loan calculator, a power consumption sub-system as well as a complete car information sub-system.
A personal diary system which is password protected
In this personal diary system, which is password protected, you cal write the your daily notes as you wish with the formatting of your choice. There are a wide range of print options to choose from.
on the harddisk. You can also make your very own playlists.