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The MyParty_Net program is an extract from TheGoodLife program, and is a program in its own  right. The various program facilities works just as they do in TheGoodLife program. The program has 20 tab-pages:
Here you can write all the general information about this party
Grand total
In this tab-page you can calculate the sum cost for the various stored party cost. it gives you a total sum cost, a sum cost pr. participants (child or adult).
Here you can define all cost in connection with the party clothing.
Here you can define if you want to cook yourself, or let a catering company do the job - with the cost involved for both alternatives.
In this tab-page you can define which cakes to be purchased/made and the cost involved.
Her you can define all cost concerning decorations to the party in question.
In this tab-page you can define which entertainment to take place and at what time an cost.
Here you write all cost for rent of party premises, where and from whom.
Here you define the cost of renting AV-equipment to the party.
In this tab-page you can define all the external lodging cost for your party participants (if you have to pay!)
Define which security if any to take place for this party, the company involved and the cost as well.
Here you can define all transportation cost you have to pay in regards to this party.
In this tab-page you can define the cost for renting a photographer to take pictures from the party, or party pictures in general.
If you have to give gifts in regard to this planned party, you can specify the gifts here and the cost involved.
Do you plan to advertise the party in the papers or elsewhere, define the source and cost here.
Vaste  disposal/cleaning
It cost to clean the premises after a party, define the cost and nature here.
To-Do list
Do not forget the important things to do, write it down here.
Extra expenses
Here you can define all the extra expenses which can not be defined in the other tab-pages.
Party participants
Make a list of all the party participants, sex and age (child/adult) - and also the Email address if any.
General party text
Write the party invitation text (either postal mail or Email).
You can change the screen language anytime by click the "Program/Change Language". The picture shown to the left appears and all you have to do is selecting the language you want. Please observe that if you select a language not already in the language database, then the program shows the English language as default.
 Then you have to manually change all the text by  yourself (Files/Edit Screen Text).
To change the database screen text: Select the screen you want to change (the screen names are fairly easy to understand). In the right hand side of the screen there are a table with all the stores languages, select the language line you want to change and change the wording in the individual columns. The database automatically updates when you leave this subsystem.