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The masterEmp program consist of eleven (11) sub systems: Employee's Holidays Absent Recruiter Upcoming Courses Work Week Work Calendar TimeBank Balance Employee Evaluations Employee Log In/Out To Remember
The MasterEmp main screen:
The Employee's master screen has 15 tab pages as follows: Main Screen Private Address Information Next Of Kind Information Work Information Bank Information Tax Information Union Information Company Benefits Company Grievance Former Job History Training History Education History Medical History Left Company Notes general Notes
This holiday screen is used to find all the employee's holidays just at one look, it also shows employee birthdays if this is selected in the set-up screen.
This absent screen is used for input of employee's work absence.
In this Recruiter sub- system you can register all new company vacancies, as well as register the applicants for the vacant positions together with interview's and CV's. A click of a button and the applicant is moved to the employee database.
Upcoming Courses:
The Upcoming Courses screen is used to inform department heads of courses which may be of interest for his/hers department. If this is the case, it is possible to select course participants who in time will get an email with a reminder of participations.
Work Week:
The Work Week screen shows who is at work and who is absent at any given week.
Work Calendar:
The Work Calendar input screen is used to store the employee's daily work pattern for a week. The bottom grid shows the actual work pattern and can be manually edited and/or automatically edited from holidays, absent and company holidays.
TimeBank Balance:
This TimeBank screen is an option for those who have a flexible working hours arrangement. It stores all in/out log-ins and compare the data with the stored normal hours. The plus/minus figures is added to this TimeBank database.
Employee Evaluations:
The Employee Evaluation screen is used at the yearly 'one to one' evaluation. The questions asked is pre-defined as well as the corresponding evaluation points.
Employee Log In/Out:
If automatic log-in/out is selected in the set-up screen, the employee is automatically logged in when opening the MasterEmp program, and automatically logged out when exiting the program. This screen is only used to log in/out in between work.
If user click the “Show week to now” button, the screen shown to the left appears. It shows the user’s accumulated times this week as well as the whole month.
To Remember:
This sub-system is used when the user wants to have an reminder for things to do in the future. The system only shows the users records, nobody else have access to the data.
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